3. listopadu 2014 v 19:59 | Papája |  mp3
Interpret: Little Daylight

text (by):

Deep in my heart there's a fire burning
I need you like a drug
Whoa-oh, you keep me wanting
Whoa-oh, I come undone

Nights with you like tunnel vision
Racing through the dark
Whoa-oh, heart beating faster
Whoa-oh, it tears me up

Ooh-ooh like an overdose
Ready let's take it too far tonight
You're my favorite high
Ooh-ooh like an overdose
Thinkin' I'm crossing the line this time
Takin' me for a ride

See your face in my reflection
Whisper more and more
Like a tiger in its chamber
Clawing lines into my door

Counting down until I see you
To get me through the day
Whoa-oh, I know I'm falling
Whoa-oh, gonna ride it anyway


A force like gravity takes a hold of me
Lost reality now
Drown myself in these hazy fever dreams
I don't wanna come down

[Chorus] x 2

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